How to generate API reference documentation for DirectFB

DirectFB (Direct Frame Buffer) is a graphical thin library (suitable for embedded devices). It handles hardware graphics acceleration, input devices, translucent windows, display layers, etc.

DirectFB official web page is currently broken (as of July 2016):

From Internet Archive:

But we can also generate documentation from source code:

Denis Kropp is a DirectFB developer (we download DirectFB code from his repository):
$ git clone

Since I am interested in 1.4 branch I switch to it:
$ git checkout -b directfb-1.4 origin/directfb-1.4
Branch directfb-1.4 set up to track remote branch directfb-1.4 from origin.
Switched to a new branch 'directfb-1.4'

$ git branch
* directfb-1.4

From README file:


A complete API reference documentation in HTML format is created during
the build in the docs directory. You may also access the API reference
as well as a concepts overview, tutorials and the FAQ online at

Generate configure file:
$ ./

To generate API documentation in HTML format:
$ make html
make -C docs/html
make[1]: Entering directory 'directFB/DirectFB/docs/html'
rootme=`pwd`; \
/usr/bin/perl ../../tools/ DirectFB 1.4.16 ../../include/directfb.h ../../include/directfb_keyboard.h ../../include/directfbgl.h \
&& echo timestamp > $rootme/stamp-docs
make[1]: Leaving directory 'directFB/DirectFB/docs/html'

Browse the HTML documentation with your preferred web browser:
$ firefox DirectFB/docs/html/IDirectFB.html