Web Development


HTML5 is a markup language used to present content on the World Wide Web. It was standardized in 2014.
HTML tutorial (w3schools)

HTML (Mozilla Developer Network)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to format the content written in a markup language like HTML.
CSS tutorial (w3schools)

CSS (Mozilla Developer Network)

In order to generate HTML content and CSS format I will use a web framework coded in python language, and it will run on Google Appengine platform.

Web technology For developers (Mozilla Developer Network)

JavaScript Language



Flask is a Python micro web framework based on Werkzeug and Jinja2.

Pocoo groups under same umbrella several projects:

Pocoo project Hub.

Flask Quickstart

Flask documentation:

Template Designer Documentation

Google App Engine

Google App Engine tips


How to save and restore a blog template

Go to Blogger page and select your blog.

Then select in the menu on the left:

Template -> Backup/Restore -> Download template (to backup your blog template)


Template -> Backup/Restore -> Browse (to select a template file) and Upload (to upload a previously backed up template)

Create a customized HTML mobile template

We can choose among several predetermined mobile templates or we can create a customized one by ourselves.

To create a customized one, after selecting your blog in Blogger page:

We go to the menu on the left:

Template -> Under mobile snapshot we press the gear image to customize mobile template ->

->Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. -> Choose mobile template -> custom -> save

Back to template page:

Template -> Under blog snapshot image Edit HTML -> There you can edit both standard and mobile template at once.